Operations Advisory

How do institutions ensure that their partners live up to the promises made in long-term real estate and infrastructure performance-based agreements?  When circumstances change in unexpected ways, how do the partners work collaboratively to address unforeseen challenges or take advantage of new opportunities?  After the transaction documents are signed, financial closing is achieved, and construction begins, you must put in place the people, processes, and technology to monitor performance and compliance with the terms of the agreements. You must take informed, fact-based actions to ensure the long-term viability of the project and protect your assets.  While most construction and operational responsibility and risk is transferred to a private partner, institutions will always retain the reputational risk associated with an underperforming project.  Hayat Brown supports efficient operations for single facilities and across portfolios by monitoring financial performance, working through disputes, and restructuring agreements, when needed.


  • Program Management
  • Project And Construction Management
  • Asset And Portfolio Monitoring And Reporting
  • Independent Engineer Performance Inspection
  • Disputes And Expert Testimony
  • Restructuring Support

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