US Army Enhanced Use Lease Program / Yuma Proving Ground Hot Weather Test Track

ClientDepartment of the Army
LocationsCamp Navajo - Bellemont, AZ, Yuma Proving Ground – Yuma, AZ, Ft. Myer – Arlington, VA, Ft. Huachuca - Sierra Vista, AZ


Unlocking value from underutilized assets, while delivering mission-critical facilities through a P3.

Client Goals:

The Department of the Army sought to leverage the value of underperforming assets through in-kind or cash consideration with its Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) program. Additionally, the Army was interested in increasing the resilience of vehicles used in extreme weather conditions. 

Hayat Brown Role: 

As an advisor to the Army, Hayat Brown team members supported development and implementation of the Enhanced Use Lease program providing a range of services from feasibility assessments to developer selection and transaction negotiation across a portfolio of installations.

Program development and implementation – Our team recommended strategies and best practices for EUL program development and management, including deal structures that meet OMB budget scoring requirements, briefing templates, and recording on-going lessons learned.

Feasibility assessments – For each potential project, we performed market analyses and pro forma modeling of EUL real estate transactions across a variety of property types, including office, industrial, manufacturing, sports/recreational, conference centers, co-generation plants, etc.

Developer selections – For select projects, we developed solicitation documents; planned, hosted, and facilitated industry forums; and evaluated developer proposals.

Business & Leasing Plan – Finally, we negotiated all aspects of the Business & Leasing Plan, including development plans and budgets, management plans, operating plans and budgets, in-kind consideration, cash flow sharing, and final deal closing/lease signing.

Project Outcomes:

  • At the Yuma Proving Ground, Hayat Brown team members completed the out-lease of 2,400 acres of Army-owned land to General Motors Corporation (GM) for 50 years.
  • The Army received $10.6 million for its land.
  • GM built a new $100M joint-use vehicle testing facility on the site, enabling the Army to test vehicles for desert conditions.
  • The Hot Weather Test Complex includes a 4.5-mile Oval Track, evasive maneuver area, and a rebuilt  Dynamometer  Course
  • Successful execution of the Yuma Proving Ground EUL resulted in the following awards:
    • 2009 National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) Innovation Award Winner
    • 2007 Finalist for the General Services Administration (GSA) Achievement Award for Real Property Innovation