Benning Road Reconstruction and Streetcar Extension

ClientDistrict Department of Transportation (DDOT)


This project aims to improve transportation infrastructure conditions and enhance safety and operations along the Benning Road corridor from Oklahoma Avenue to East Capitol Street. This includes reconstructing bridges, enhancing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and extending streetcar transit service to the Benning Road Metrorail Station. The project will provide increased mobility and accessibility by improving transit operations and options; improve safety conditions and operations for both motorized and non-motorized access, and address deficiencies in transportation infrastructure conditions.

Hayat Brown’s Role:

Maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) design that will include detours, temporary ramps, sequence of construction across multiple construction segments.  Given the density and multi-modal nature of the area, the effectiveness of the MOT design and sequence of construction is critical to the success of the project.

Benning Road Fact Sheet