Hayat Kelil-Brown, CCM

CEO/Managing Member

As a project manager and senior civil engineer, Hayat Kelil-Brown has over 19 years of experience in managing transportation infrastructure projects and leading diverse teams of subject matter experts and stakeholders through all phases of development: planning, design, contractor selection, and construction management. Her portfolio of projects includes roadway design and construction, bridge construction, and building construction. Her responsibilities have involved developing project scopes and budgets, preparing cost estimates, writing Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), evaluating bid packages, negotiating service fees, evaluating and negotiating change orders, reviewing construction schedules, and overseeing all aspects of construction management, including quality assurance and quality control.

Jay Brown, CCIM


Jay Brown specializes in strategic, transactional, and public/private infrastructure and real estate advisory services to federal, state, and municipal entities and educational institutions. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Brown has performed and overseen numerous public-private transactions, with a focus on social infrastructure — in particular, where social infrastructure intersects with commercial real estate development — to help universities and public sector clients generate revenue, reduce costs, eliminate deferred maintenance, and fund needed capital improvements.